To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.
Kurt Vonnegut (via ruineshumaines)
Surnames Master Post.





Surnames are just as important as given names. So, I compiled a list of the websites I use to find my surnames.


For whoever needs these.

I prefer to use the archive of Kate Monk’s website to find names because her onomastikon is boss.

(Source: hearmeroarplay)

Animation/Drawing Reference


Reference! Reference! is a free database that collects different video clips, with categories ranging from facial expressions, to styles of fighting, and animals in motion. 


You can play and pause the videos, and move through them frame-by-frame easily.

I’m freaking out, man. 



Wig tutorials for Ringabel and Edea Lee from Bravely Default.
[Cosmode 49, 2013]

Other Tumblrs


Hello! I run two other tumblrs where I dump other resources in

Digital Brushes: http://digitalbrushes.tumblr.com/

And Process Resource: http://processresource.tumblr.com/

I might open a screentone brush tumblr in the future sometime when I have more time. A lot of screentones I find I have to manually convert into a brush. So it’s a little bit more work.








Good ref image. Shows how and where obvious jams can occur, and what you’d need to adjust to clear one.

Dat engineering.

swrrt jesus  sexy

ooh damn, that is nice.

OMG WHOA good ref

I literally did not know how a gun works until I saw this 


HUGE cache of drawing and art related book PDF files.

There’s literally hundreds of great drawing, manga, comic, painting, sculpting, and art related books on this site. The website language is in Russian but many of the books are in their native language. Hopefully this is as helpful to many others as it was to me! 


Line art stuff. 

Hopefully this makes some lives easier.

As you can tell from my work I abuse the heck out of the Gaussian blur thing. I used the multiply thickening trick an insane amount when I worked on Skullgirls as a clean up animator. 





Last month, when Glenn Ford was released from prison for a crime he didn’t commit, the state of Louisiana “gave him a $20 debit card for his troubles.” That, plus the four cents he had left in his prison account, was all he had.

How do you build up the material accumulations of a lifetime overnight? How do you do it with no money? Where do you even begin?

Ford’s friend John Thompson had a clever idea: Do what millions of Americans do when they are hoping that other people will buy them a whole bunch of stuff. Build an Amazon registry.

The Amazon Wish List is here.

Read the whole piece here.

Just bought this dude something off his wishlist. You should too.

This article is worth reading too.